Working with apps

The Shopify App Store includes a variety of apps to help you run your store. Apps cover a wide range of functionality and features, but there are basic actions that you can do with each of them.

Install an app

When you’ve found the app that you want, you can install it to your store by clicking Get on the app's page:

Get an app


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Access an app in Shopify

You can see all the apps that you have installed from the Apps page in Shopify:

Access an app's menu

You can access some features of an app through the app's menu:

Uninstall an app

You can remove an app from your store from the Apps page in Shopify:

Get help with apps

For help with any app built by Shopify, you can contact the Shopify Support Team by emailing

Since many of Shopify’s apps are built by third-party developers, you can contact the developer directly for help with their app. You can find developer contact information right on the app’s main page in the Shopify App Store:

Apps help updated

Below the developer's contact information is a Get Support button, which you can use to send the developer a message directly from the app's page in the Shopify App Store:

Get support button

When you use the Get Support button to send a message, Shopify will contact you three days later to ask if you received the support you needed. If you have not received support from the developer in that time, we will contact the developer on your behalf.

If you can’t reach a resolution with the developer, contact the Shopify Support Team by emailing

Request a refund or credit for an application purchase

If you wish to request a refund or credit for an application you purchased from the Shopify App Store, then you can use the Get Support button to reach out to the application developer.

If the application charge was processed through Shopify, the application developer may issue you a credit to be applied towards future application charges. This credit can be applied towards any future application purchase processed on Shopify. Any credits you use towards an application purchase will be recorded on your subscription invoice.

Some application charges are processed outside of Shopify. In this case, the developer may process the refund according to the original payment method used.

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