Receiving the funds from credit card payments

When a customer makes a payment using a credit card, the payment information needs to be captured and sent to their bank for processing. You can capture payments manually or automatically. If you set up manual capture, then you'll need to capture the funds for each order from the Orders area of Shopify. If you set up automatic capture, then you'll make sure that you receive the funds from credit card payments.


If you are capturing payments manually, then you will have to capture the payment for each order before the authorization period for that order ends. You won't be able to collect any money for an order after the authorization period ends.

Make a manual capture of funds from a credit card

If you have configured your settings to capture funds manually, then you won't receive money from orders automatically. Make sure you get paid by capturing every payment as soon as possible after it's authorized.

When you capture a single order manually, you can choose whether to take full or partial payment. You might want to capture only part of an order payment if:

  • some of the order has run out of stock and the customer doesn't want to wait for the product to be replenished
  • the customer has changed their mind or made an error, and they only want part of what they ordered.


You can't capture more than the order's authorized amount. Your customers cannot add to their existing order. If they want to add more products after an order has been placed, then they need to make a new order.

To capture a single payment manually:

You'll see a record of the successful capture in the order's Timeline.

Make manual payment captures in bulk

To capture funds for multiple orders paid by credit card, you can do a bulk action on your orders to capture payment.

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