Editing orders

You can edit an order if a customer wants to change an item or if you need to add or remove an item. For example, a customer might want to change the size or color of an item on their order.

You have 60 days after an order is placed to make edits, and you can only edit orders that aren’t fulfilled. If an order is partially fulfilled, then you can edit unfulfilled items.

The total cost of an order is updated as the order is edited. If the cost of the order changes, then you need to charge or refund your customer the cost difference.

Edit an order

You can edit an unfulfilled order to:

If you want to swap items, then you need to remove the unwanted item and add a new item.

All staff with order permissions can edit orders. Multiple staff members can make edits and update an order at the same time. The changes made in each edit are applied to the order. If edits conflict, the most recent edit is applied to the order.

After you edit an order, you need to review and update the order.

Review and update an edited order

After you edit an order, you need to review the updated total to check that it's correct. Depending on the edits you made, the total cost of the order might increase or decrease from what your customer paid at checkout. If the order total changed, then you need to collect or refund a payment amount.

Collect payment because order total increases

If the cost of the edited order increases, then you need to collect payment from your customer. The Summary shows that there is an Amount to collect.

To collect payment, you send an updated invoice to your customer from the Edit order page. The invoice includes a link to a new checkout where your customer can pay. After your customer completes checkout, the order is marked as Paid.

Refund payment because order total decreases

If the total cost of the edited order decreases, then you need to update the order and issue your customer a refund. The Summary shows the amount to refund.

Notify customer when there is no change to order total

If the order cost hasn’t changed, then you don’t need to refund or collect payment. You can choose to send your customer a notification about the edit.

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