Manage gift cards

You can review and manage all gift cards issued or purchased from your store from the Gift cards page in your Shopify admin.

Search for a gift card

The search bar on the Gift cards page allows you to quickly filter gift cards by Customer name or Gift card code.


After a gift card is issued, the full gift card code is visible only to the customer because gift cards are considered currency. You can see only the last four characters in the list of sold gift cards, but you can search by either the last four characters or the full code.

Manage gift card 8


If you search by the full gift card code, then make sure that you enter it without spaces.

Filter gift cards

The filter function can help you organize and manage the gift cards on the Gift cards page in your Shopify admin. Filtering is useful when browsing through a large number of gift cards, and looking for gift cards corresponding to a specific set of attributes. For example, you could filter by Status set to disabled, which will return gift cards meeting this specific condition only.

To filter your gift cards:

  1. Click Filter gift cards:

    Filter gift card
  2. In the first drop-down menu, select one of the following:

  • Status: Returns items with a defined status (either disabled or enabled)
  • Balance: Returns gift cards issued based on balance status (full, partially used, or empty)
  • Issued: Returns gift cards issued on a specific date (in the last week,in the last month, in the last 3 months, in the last year, on or before, and on or after)
  • Initial value: Returns items with a specific initial value ($10, $20, $50, $100, etc.)

    Filter gift card options1

  1. Based on initial filter, apply the required condition:

    Manage gift card
  2. Click Add filter.

To remove a filter, simply click the "x" button next to the filter condition.

Manage gift card 2

View a gift card's detailed information

You can view detailed information about a specified gift card by clicking on the individual gift card code.

Manage gift card 4

From there, you can review the card's detailed information, including:

  • Remaining gift card balance: Amount of money left on the gift card for the customer to use
  • Order number: The Order number created when the gift card was purchased. To access order detail, click the order number provided
  • Customer name: Name of the customer
  • Expiration date: The expiry date of the gift card (if applicable)


You can set or update the expiration date of a gift card by clicking on the Edit link next to the expiration date.

View a gift card's history

When visiting the details page, you can review historical information about a specific card. The History section displays a timeline of all events associated with the gift card.

Manage gift card 5

Disable a gift card

You can also disable an individual gift card.


Disabling a gift card is permanent. Unlike a discount code, a disabled gift card can not be reactivated.

At the bottom of the gift card details page, click the Disable gift card button.

Manage gift card 7

Email a gift card to a customer

Whether one of your customers has lost their gift card or requires a balance update, you can easily email an updated gift card to its original buyer.

From the Gift card details page, simply click the Email gift card to customer button. The email sent includes the gift card code and an updated balance.

Manage gift card 9

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