Daily workflows for your Shopify admin

The Daily workflows section is designed to teach you ways to speed up some frequent Shopify admin tasks and keep track of your orders. Here are some of the tools and shortcuts available:

  • Bulk actions

    Fulfill many orders at the same time, delete multiple files to clear space, and more.

  • Bulk editing

    Edit multiple items at once to change price, product title, vendor, or many other properties.

  • Admin search

    Navigate your Shopify admin by searching for what you want.

  • Timeline

    Send messages and leave comments on orders, draft orders, customers, and transfers without leaving the page.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Move through the Shopify admin without using your mouse.

  • Rich text editor

    Use the rich text editor to edit products, collections, pages, and blog posts.

  • Future publishing

    Schedule products, collections, blog posts, and pages to be published at a later date.

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