Advanced Cash on Delivery

Advanced Cash on Delivery provides your customers with a cash on delivery payment option when purchasing from your store:

Cash on Delivery payment option

The Advanced Cash on Delivery app offers functionality that is not available when you specify Cash on Delivery (COD) with the Manual Payments option in your admin's Payment Settings. For example, with the Advanced Cash on Delivery app, you can:

Set up Cash on Delivery eligibility by price range

You can set a range of order prices that allow cash on delivery payments. This price range is the calculated subtotal, before shipping and taxes. For example, you can set a maximum price for cash on delivery orders if you don't want to risk shipping expensive orders without prepayment. If an order is not within the specified price range and your customer has specified cash on delivery as the payment method, then your customer sees an error message when trying to complete the order.

  1. Open the Advanced Cash on Delivery app.

  2. In the Order subtotal section, enter the minimum order price for cash on delivery payments in the Minimum price field. You can set this to 0 if you do not want to set a minimum price.

  3. Enter the maximum order price in the Maximum price field:

    Setting a maximum price

Set up Cash on Delivery eligibility by postal code

By default, cash on delivery is available to all postal codes in India. If you do not want to offer cash on delivery to all postal codes, you can specify which postal codes are eligible. You can either manually enter these postal codes, or you can upload a list of them in a CSV file to your Shopify admin.

  1. In the Postal codes section, select Limit where Cash on Delivery is available:

    Filtering by postal code

  2. To upload a .CSV file with a list of postal codes, click the Upload a CSV file link, or drag and drop the .CSV file into the Serviced postal codes area.

  3. To enter postal codes manually, click the Manual entry link, and then enter each postal code, separated by commas or spaces.

Create Cash on Delivery shipping rates

You can charge customers an additional amount for cash on delivery orders. This amount is calculated as a shipping rate that includes both the shipping cost and a cash on delivery fee. When your customers are making a purchase, they can choose a shipping method that has the cash on delivery fee included:

Choosing a shipping method

You can create multiple cash on delivery shipping rates. For example, you might want to charge a higher cash on delivery fee for expedited shipping.

To add a cash on delivery fee, enter a combined fee that includes shipping and the cash on delivery fee. For example, if you already have a expedited shipping rate of Rs. 30.00, and you want to add a cash on delivery fee of Rs. 10.00, you could create an "Expedited Shipping + Cash on Delivery" rate of Rs. 40.00:

Setting a Cash on Delivery fee

To create a cash on delivery shipping rate:

  1. Open the app.

  2. In the Cash on Delivery shipping rates section, select Create new Cash on Delivery shipping rates, and then click Add rate.

  3. Enter a name for the rate in the Name field.

  4. In the Description field, enter a description of this cash on delivery shipping rate.

  5. If you want to base the shipping rate on price, then in the Range section, select Price based, and then enter the minimum and maximimum order prices in the fields provided.

  6. If you want to base the shipping rate on weight, then in the Range section, select Weight based, and then enter the minimum and maximum order weights in the fields provided.

  7. In the Rate amount field, enter the rate you want to charge for this cash on delivery shipping rate. This includes both the shipping rate and the additional cash on delivery fee you want to charge.

  8. Click Save.

Provide a custom thank you message

To provide a thank you message that appears on the order status page after the customer has placed their order, enter the message in the Thank you message section:

Setting a thank you message

Activate the Cash on Delivery payment method

When you have finished setting up the Advanced Cash on Delivery app, you must activate the payment method to make it available to your customers.

To activate Cash on Delivery payments, click the Activate now button:

Click 'Activate now'

Add a Cash on Delivery availability checker

You can add an availability checker to your store's theme and let your customers check Cash on Delivery eligibility for their postal code. This can be done after you have activated Cash on Delivery payments for your store.

Troubleshooting Cash on Delivery orders

Some third-party fulfillment or accounting apps might not be able to recognize Cash on Delivery payments after you have updated the order using the Mark as paid button. If you use third-party fulfillment or accounting apps, then you can mark your Cash on Delivery order as paid by selecting Mark as paid with cash from the Apps drop-down menu in the Order details page.

To mark Cash on Delivery orders as paid:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

  2. Click the order number:

    Click the order number

  3. From the More actions drop-down menu, select Mark as paid with cash:

Deactivate Cash on Delivery payments

If you no longer want to use Cash on Delivery, you can stop offering it at any time by deactivating it in your payment settings.

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