Planning your job

After you pick an Expert or decide to create a job, you're taken through the job creation process. This helps you clearly describe your needs so that Experts can fully understand your request. You will be asked about what you're looking for, your business, and your priorities.

One of the best ways to make sure that your job is successful is to start with a plan in mind. When filling out your job request, be sure to share as much detail as possible. Details such as your budget, what you have already tried, and clear timelines are all helpful for Experts when they provide you with a quote.

When briefing Experts on the work that you want to get done, make sure to define which parts are most important. This helps you to clearly identify the goals for your job, and the requirements for it to be considered a success.

Image that shows the job creation workflow

After you complete your job request, it's either sent to the Expert that you requested the quote from, or matched with up to three Experts that our system has determined are bested suited for your job request.

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