Working with Experts

These guidelines can help you create good working relationships with Experts and make sure that your jobs are completed successfully.

Define your job’s scope

After you have created your job or contacted an Expert, you will typically start receiving responses within 24 hours. You will receive an email notification whenever an Expert responds. To discuss the job with the Expert, you’ll be able to use the communications tool in the Experts Marketplace, that helps you keep track of the conversations associated with your job. You will be able to send messages and files back and forth quickly, from the convenience of your Shopify admin. The conversation areas are created whenever a new job-related discussion is created with an Expert.

Image that shows an example of a conversation area with a Shopify Expert

After you've clearly identified and communicated the job's requirements in your job, you can use communications to identify its scope (including your deadlines, deliverables, and budget). It's important that you identify all the tasks that are a part of the job before getting the work started.

Verify the scope throughout the process

Verify that what the Expert has proposed matches what you expect, both at the beginning and throughout the job. This is one of the most important parts of managing your job.

Keep communications within the marketplace communication tool

As you are communicating with the Experts on the scope of your job, be sure to keep the conversation your chat area in the Shopify admin. By keeping your conversations in one place, it’s easier to refer back to previous conversations between you and the Expert. If you need to have a conversation with an Expert outside of this messaging area, you should post a summary of your conversation to the Expert in this communicate area too, to ensure that all your conversations are tracked and easy to refer back to.

Give Experts access to your Shopify store

Depending on the job, you might be required to give an Expert access your Shopify admin. The best way to do this is by requesting the Expert to create a collaborator account. Collaborator accounts give access to only the sections of your store that you want the Expert to see, and do not count towards your store's staff limit.

Provide Feedback to Experts

It's important to stay in contact with the Expert during the job, but be mindful that it can be inconvenient and distracting for them to answer too many questions during the process. When you reach a job milestone, it's often an ideal time to provide feedback (either positive or negative). Providing feedback can help to improve the process of working together and improve results. It also helps to make sure that both you and the Expert are in agreement about the job details, and it can prevent misunderstandings from arising.

Avoid changing the job's scope

It's important that you and the Expert define a process for requesting adjustments to the job. Requests for changes or modifications, however small they might be, should be agreed upon through the established approval process before they're incorporated into the job.

After you define your process, you and the Expert can use it to evaluate requests for changes in the job scope, and the impact they would have on the job overall. For example, would the requested changes be ready with the required quality and within the required deadlines? Sometimes even small changes that appear to have a positive impact on the job can significantly disrupt it or increase its cost, so be careful of making changes to a job after you've already agreed on its scope.

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