Working with experts

After you accept a proposal, you can work with the expert both inside and outside of the Experts Marketplace.


You should keep all conversations with experts within the Messages tab in the Experts Marketplace. This makes it easier to refer back to discussions and saves all information related to your job or accepted proposal in one place. If you need to talk to an expert using another platform, then you should post a summary of the conversation in the Experts Marketplace so that it’s tracked.

Giving experts access to your store

If an expert needs to access your store, then ask them to use a collaborator account. This lets you control which sections of your Shopify admin that the expert can access. Also, collaborator accounts don't count towards your store’s staff limit.

Providing feedback to experts

After you define the job scope and accept a proposal, you should continue to ask the expert for updates and provide feedback. This makes sure that both of you agree on job details and prevents misunderstandings.

Next steps

After the expert finishes work on your store, you can mark the job as complete and pay the expert's invoice.

If you're not satisfied with the work the expert has done, then refer to Handling disputes.

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