Shopify Lite plan

The Shopify Lite plan is for anyone who wants to sell products without maintaining an online store. If you want to embed a Buy Button on your personal website or blog, then you can do so with this plan.

The Shopify Lite plan comes with Shopify's standard features for the point of sale and Buy Button sales channels, the Analytics page, and the finance reports. Shopify Lite doesn't include the online store sales channel.

Shopify Lite plan features

The Shopify Lite plan offers the features available on all plans, including the following features:

Features on the Shopify Lite Plan
Competitive transaction feesThe Shopify Lite plan offers the same transaction fees as the Basic Shopify plan. Review Shopify's pricing page to find the specific transaction fees under plans in your region.
StaffThe Shopify Lite plan supports one staff account.
Shopify Point of SaleIf you want to sell your products in person, such as at a farmers' market, a trade show, or a pop-up store, then you can do so on the Shopify Lite plan by using the Shopify point of sale app and a card reader.
ReportsYou can track your business performance using reports. The Shopify Lite plan comes with the analytics page, finances reports, product analytics, Live View, acquisition reports, inventory reports, behavior reports, marketing reports, order reports, sales reports, retail sales reports, profit reports, and customers reports.
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