Shopify Collective for retailers

Shopify Collective is a simple way for Shopify stores to connect and sell each other’s products, all inside Shopify. As a retailer, you can use Collective to grow customer carts and boost profits by selling products imported from other Shopify stores. There are no upfront inventory costs or commitments.

You can get started by requesting pricing from brands whose products you want to sell, or by inviting your existing suppliers to connect with you on Shopify Collective. Once connected, your suppliers can share products for you to import to your store, and start selling.

Margins vary by supplier, but typically can range from 20% to 40%. You buy at the supplier's discounted price, and sell at the supplier's specified retail price. The profit you earn on each sale is yours.

After you make a sale on your store, your customer’s order is automatically forwarded to the relevant suppliers, who fulfill and ship items directly to your customer. Tracking numbers sync from supplier store to yours automatically, triggering your usual branded shipping notifications to your customer.

Shopify Collective is currently free to use for all eligible stores based in the United States.

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