Managing Shopify Collective orders

After a customer places an order in your store, you and your supplier receive an order in your Shopify stores. Your supplier needs to fulfill the order and you don't need to fulfill the order yourself.

When a supplier fulfills an order, that order is also fulfilled in your store with the order fulfillment details, such as a tracking number. Your customer receives a shipping confirmation email notification from your store instead of supplier's store.

Capturing payments for Shopify Collective orders

Depending on how you capture payments for your Shopify Collective orders, your order fulfillment method for Shopify Collective orders might vary:

  • If you capture payments for your orders automatically, then after the order on your store is paid, an automatic fulfilment request is created for your supplier.
  • If you capture payments for your orders manually or use a sales channel that doesn't capture payments until an order is fulfilled, then you have to manually request fulfillment for Shopify Collective products in an order from your supplier. To request order fulfillment, click Request fulfillment > Send fulfillment request in your order. If you use Shopify Collective automatic payments, then you're charged for Shopify Collective products as soon as you request fulfillment regardless whether your order is marked as paid.

Managing returns for Shopify Collective orders

Before you start accepting returns for Shopify Collective orders, you need to agree with your supplier on who pays for the return shipping label, the return method, and return policies for Shopify Collective orders.

You can choose how you manage returns for Shopify Collective orders and use one of the following return methods:

Step 1: Request a return from a supplier

If you choose the Method 2, then you need request a return from your supplier.

After you submit a return request, your supplier receives an email notification. If a supplier accepts your request, then they upload a return shipping label.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

  2. Click the order that you want to request a return from your supplier.

  3. In the Fulfilled section next to the item that you want to request return for, click ..., and then click Request return to supplier.

  4. Select item quantity and a return reason.

  5. Click Request return.

Step 2: Download and send a return label to your customer

After your supplier uploads a return label, you receive an email notification with the return label.

You need to download the return label, upload the label to your Shopify admin, and then create a return for your customer.


  1. From your mailbox, find the Shipping return label is ready email.
  2. Click View shipping label, and then click Download to download the return label to your device.
  3. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.
  4. Click the order that you want to submit a return for.
  5. Click Return.
  6. Select Upload return label, and then upload the return label.
  7. Click Create return.

After you create a return, your customer receives an email notification with a return label.

When a supplier receives the returned items and marks the order as returned, then you get an email notification. You can then issue a refund to your customer.

Cancel Shopify Collective orders

You can request to cancel a Shopify Collective order when the order's status is Fulfillment in progress. You can't request to cancel already fulfilled orders. After you request to cancel an order, an email is sent to the supplier to cancel the order. A supplier might not proceed with an order cancellation if they already processed the order.

If a supplier cancels a Shopify Collective order, then your order status changes to Request declined and a reason of cancellation is displayed.

When using automatic payments, Shopify Collective automatically cancels the order:

  • Immediately if payment has not yet been taken when you request cancelation
  • After 14 days if payment was taken when you requested cancelation, but the supplier did not ship the order


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

  2. Click the order that you want to request to cancel.

  3. In the Fulfilled section next to the item that you want to request to cancel, click ..., and then click Request cancellation.

  4. Optional: Enter a note for the supplier, such as why you're requesting to cancel this order.

  5. Click Request cancellation.

Refunding Shopify Collective orders

To issue a refund to your customer, you need to cancel the order in your own Shopify admin. You can cancel Shopify Collective orders the same way as you cancel your other orders in your Shopify admin. For more information, refer to Canceling, archiving and deleting orders.

To request a refund from your supplier:

  • If both you and your supplier have activated automatic payments on Collective, then the funds are transferred to you automatically after the supplier initiates the refund process.
  • If the automatic payments feature isn't activated between you and your supplier, then the supplier needs to manually send the funds to you, and inform you about the refund transfer process.

Running flash sales through Shopify Collective

Shopify Collective can power flash sales, protecting against inventory overselling or underselling during the given high traffic period. Retailers can sell imported products from suppliers with confidence at a rate of up to 6,100 checkouts per minute.

At checkout, Collective performs several checks against the latest stock information, to support high volume sales.

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