Bulk set up B2B companies from your existing wholesale customers

Companies are the businesses that you sell to using B2B on Shopify, and can have multiple locations and B2B customers attached to them. Each company location can also be assigned specific pricing, product selections, payment terms, checkout options, shipping addresses, and more.

By using the B2B on Shopify bulk company setup tool, you can complete the following actions:

Setting up companies

You can use the bulk setup tool in the Customers section of your Shopify admin to set up B2B companies from your existing wholesale customers. You can select up to 250 of your wholesale customers at the same time, or complete the process in smaller groups.

Depending on how many customers you select, the bulk customer setup tool might need to run in the background to complete the setup process. You'll receive an email when setup is complete, with any errors that need to be resolved if applicable.


  1. From your Shopify admin, in the Customers section, click Add filter and select your Plus wholesale channel customer tag.
  2. Click the checkbox next to each customer that you want to set up B2B companies for. You can select all customers, or complete the process in stages by selecting a subset of customers.
  3. Click the More actions menu, and then click Add to company.
  4. Choose the company settings that you want to use, and the customer information that you want to add.
  5. Click Set up companies.

Importing customer information

During bulk company setup, you can choose whether to import the following information and settings for your customers:

Customer information and company settings
Past ordersYou can choose whether to add all of a customer's past orders to a company location. If you select this option, then customers can view their past wholesale orders when they log in. It's recommended to import past orders if the customers you've selected already represent B2B relationships.
Tax exemptionsYou can choose whether to carry over customer tax exemptions to a company location. If the same exemptions for a wholesale customer apply to the B2B company, then you should carry over tax exemptions.
Allow customers to ship to any addressBy default, a company's shipping address is pre-populated during checkout, and companies are restricted from changing it. If you choose this setting, then companies can change the shipping address during checkout.
Submit all orders as draft for reviewBy default, orders are submitted at checkout. If you choose to submit all orders as draft, then orders from the customer will be submitted as draft orders.
Payment termsYou can choose the payment terms that you want to offer to your customers. If you want companies to pay for the orders at checkout, then choose No payment terms.

If you don't import these settings during bulk company setup, then you can manually update the settings for individual companies later. Learn more about B2B company settings.


Can I add multiple customers to the same company?

Yes. If you want to combine multiple existing Plus wholesale channel customers under a single B2B customers, then you need to first create a company based on the primary customer.

After you create a company, you can add a customer to the company.

Can I set up multiple locations for the same company?

Yes, companies can have multiple locations. However, the bulk company set up tool will only automatically create one location, based on the customer's default address. If you want to create multiple locations for a company, then you can add more locations by selecting Add location on the company page.

Can I choose to add only some past customer orders to a company?

You can choose to add either all of a customer's past orders to a company, or none of them. You can't add only some orders.

If your customer's order history includes both wholesale and personal orders, then all orders are added to the company.

What if I select the wrong customers and set up companies by mistake?

If you select the wrong customer to set up a company for, or want to remove a company, then you can delete the company from B2B. Deleting a company also deletes that company's location, and removes the customer's association with the company.

If you've added past customer orders to a company, then that company can't be deleted.

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