Managing collections on your sales channels

After you create a collection, you need to make sure that it is available on the sales channels that you use. You can also specify a future date when the collection will be published.

Change the availability of a collection

You can publish or hide a collection from your active sales channels by changing the collection's availability settings. There are a few reasons that you might want to hide a collection:

  • It's a collection of seasonal or sale products that you want to make available for only part of the year.
  • You want to sell only one type of product with a particular sales channel.
  • The products in the collection don't meet the eligibility requirements for a particular sales channel.


Other considerations

  • Making a collection visible to the Online Store sales channel doesn't automatically link the collection to your store's navigation. To help customers find a collection in your online store, you need to add a link to it from your store's navigation.
  • Changing the collection availability doesn't change the availability of the individual products within the collection. If you want to make a product available or unavailable, you need to update the product.

Change the publish date of a collection

You can set a specific publishing date for a collection to become available in your online store.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Collections.

  2. Click a collection.

  3. In the Sales channels section, click the calendar icon beside Online Store.

  4. Set the date and time that you want to publish the collection.

  5. Click Save.

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