Creating Launchpad events

Create an event to schedule sales, product drops, and inventory restocks.

Before you begin

Before you create an event, make sure that you're familiar with the Launchpad guidelines and limitations.

Create an event

Open the Launchpad app from your Shopify admin by clicking Apps and then clicking Launchpad.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Launchpad.
  2. Click Create event.
  3. In the Title section, enter a title for the event.
  4. In the Start date section, enter a start date and time. If you don't specify a start date and time when you save the event, then the event is saved as a draft.
  5. Optional: Choose one or more of the following options:
    Event options
    Option Action
    Release new products during the event Select Publish products across your sales channels and click Manage.
    Add inventory to current or previously unavailable products during the event Select Publish products across your sales channels and click Add products.
    Offer some of your products or collections at discounted or sale prices Select Apply discounts to your products and collections and click Add products or Add collections.
    Schedule the event to end automatically at a specific date and time Select Set end date, and follow the instructions. If you don't specify an end date, then you need to end the event manually by clicking End event from the Dashboard page. Any event, even if it has an end date scheduled, can be stopped in this way.
    Use a different theme Select Enable theme switching and follow the instructions.
    Run specific Shopify scripts Select Enable line item scripts or Enable shipping scripts and follow the instructions.
    Lock your store before the event Select Enable password page and follow the instructions.
  6. Click Save.

If you entered a start date and time, then your event is scheduled to run at that date and time. Otherwise, your event is saved as a draft.

You can access the dashboard during an event without publishing products or updating inventory.

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