Example Launchpad events

You can use Launchpad to run events such as sales, product drops, and inventory restocks.

Automate discounts

You can use Launchpad to discount the prices of your products for the duration of a sales event. When you add products to your event, you can choose to add:

  • collections of products and enter a percentage discount for each collection
  • products individually and either enter set prices for the products or enter percentage discounts

Considerations for discounts

For the duration of the sale event, your products are offered to your customers at the discounted price. After the event ends, your prices change back to their pre-sale values.

For example, regular price for a pair of baby socks is $2 and its compare at price is $5. You create an event that offers these socks at a 50% discount.

For the duration to the event, the socks are priced as follows:

  • The price of the socks is $1.
  • The compare at price of the socks is $2 (the regular price of the socks).

Gift cards follow slightly different rules than standard products because they're considered a form of currency. If you discount gift cards for your event, then they will be discounted by the amount you choose. The value that they can be redeemed for will also be reduced by that amount.

For example, suppose you add a $50 gift card to your event selling baby socks, discounted at 50%. For the duration of the event:

  • The price of socks is $1.
  • The compare at price of the socks is $2.
  • The price of the gift card is $25.
  • The value of the gift card is $25.

You can't sell a gift card worth $50 for $25 using Launchpad.

Considerations for bulk discounts

When you create a bulk discount, you have the following options:

  • Percentage reduces the price of the products to a percentage of the regular price. This option applies to collections and products.
  • New unit price specifies exactly what the price of all items will be. This option applies only to products, not collections.
  • Fixed amount reduces the price of all items by a set amount. This option applies only to products, not collections.

For example, you create an event and set discounts for socks, which regularly sell at $5, and shirts, which regularly sell at $20.

  • If you set a percentage discount of 50%, then during the event socks will have a price of $2.50 and shirts will have a price of $16.
  • If you set a new unit price of $4, then socks and shirts will both sell at $4.
  • If you set a fixed amount of $4, then socks will sell at $1 and shirts will sell at $16.

Create automatic discounts

  1. Create a Launchpad event.
  2. In the Discounts section, check Apply discounts to your products and collections.
  3. To add discounts to products, click Add products. To add discounts to entire collections, click Add collections.
  4. Optional: To apply the same discount to multiple products and collections, then click Bulk discounts.
  5. Optional: To specify discounts for individual products and collections, then enter the percentage of the discount or the new sale price.
    1. Select Percentage, New unit price, or Fixed amount.
    2. Enter the value of the discount that you want to offer.
    3. Click Apply.

Automate product releases

You can schedule when a new product appears in your online store and other sales channels. Product releases are also referred to as product drops or product launches. Releasing a product makes it available on your sales channels.

The procedure to automate product releases depends on whether you have access to the Product Status feature, which is currently in beta. Stores participating in the beta have a Product Status section next to the product's title and description. All other stores have a Product Availability section.

Automate additions to inventory

You can create events to update your inventory and to make products available to your online store and other sales channels. When such events end, those products remain available in the sales channels. Inventory amounts are not changed when an event ends.

The steps to update your inventory are the same as the steps to make products available to your sales channels.


  1. Create an event in Launchpad, and enable Publish products across your sales channels.
  2. Follow the instructions to increase the inventories of your products.


  • You want to run an event that updates your inventory only, so you schedule the event to run for a short period of time.
  • A popular toy has been sold out for a long time and it's now coming back in stock. Instead of silently adding the inventory to your product, you can create an event that adds the inventory to your sales channels at a specific date and time. You then tell your customers when the toy will be available.
  • You create an event that adds 150 red shirts to your inventory. Before the event starts, your red shirt inventory is 50. When the event starts, you have 200 red shirts in inventory. During the event, 125 red shirts are sold. When the event ends, you have 75 red shirts in inventory.

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