Discontinued card readers for the Shopify POS app

To provide the best retail and payment acceptance experience possible, the Shopify POS app is built with integrations to reliable hardware. As hardware becomes out of date and less reliable, integrations are removed to ensure an excellent customer experience.

The affected hardware and regions are as follows:

Discontinued card readers and recommended replacement products for Shopify POS, including the discontinuation dates and and the regions that are affected.
Hardware End of support date Device model and Region Recommended replacement
Swipe (audio-jack) card reader January 31st, 2022 iOS: United States and Canada
Android: United States
United States and Canada: Tap & Chip
Swipe (Lightning) card reader January 31st, 2022 iOS: United States and Canada United States and Canada: Tap & Chip
Tap, Chip, and Swipe card reader January 31st, 2022 iOS: United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland United States: Tap & Chip
United Kingdom and Ireland: WisePad 3

FAQs about discontinued card readers

Some commonly asked questions about discontinued hardware.

Why did you discontinue these card readers?

As the Shopify POS app improves, out of date card readers are discontinued and replaced with newer and more reliable hardware. You can migrate to the supported integrated card readers and take advantage of using Shopify Payments.

If I don't update my POS app after the end of support, then can I still use my hardware?

If you do not update the POS app, then your hardware might continue to work with limited functionality. To avoid unexpected errors, do not continue to use the hardware after the end of support date.

What do I do with my discontinued reader?

To recycle your outdated card reader, drop it off at your local e-waste recycling center.

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