TSP100IIILAN and TSP100IIIW receipt printers for Android

Where to buy the Star Micronics TSP100III LAN and TSP100IIIW receipt printers

The Star Micronics TSP100III LAN and TSP100IIIW receipt printers are not available from the Shopify Hardware Store, but you can buy them from from Barcodes Inc.

Buying printer paper

Any thermal paper rolls will work with the printer if:

  • the width is 3 1/8" (80mm)
  • the length does not exceed 230 feet (70m).

For an explanation of how to load the receipt printer, see the guide in the manufacturer's hardware manual.

Installation and setup


If the ERROR indicator is blinking red

This is caused when there is no paper present in the printer. Open the printer, replace the paper, and close the lid. The ERROR indicator should turn off and the READY indicator should come on.

Paper jams

If you feed the paper into the receipt printer at an angle, then it's likely you'll cause a paper jam. If this happens, then turn off the printer, open it up, and try feeding the paper in again.

If you are trying to make the receipt narrower than the specified 3 inch width, then make sure you use the divider provided. Don't fold the paper when you feed it into the printer.

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