Buy shipping and return labels in Shopify using your own UPS account

Shopify offers the best priced and most relevant services available based on time-in-transit information from UPS. If you connect your own UPS account with Shopify, then you can buy UPS shipping labels directly in your Shopify admin using the rates associated with your UPS account, and pay for them through your UPS invoices. Labels purchased with your UPS account can only be fulfilled from locations in the United States.

You should use your own UPS account only if you don't want to buy UPS shipping labels at the discounted rates offered through Shopify Shipping.

Add your own UPS account to your shipping settings

When you use your own UPS account to buy UPS shipping and return labels, you receive the shipping rates that are associated with your UPS account, and you're billed by UPS (not by Shopify).


  1. In the Carrier accounts section, select one of the following options:
    • If you already have a UPS account added, then click Manage carriers.
    • If Connect carrier accounts is displayed, then follow these steps to connect your UPS account before proceeding.
  2. On the Manage carriers dialog, click Edit beside UPS.
  3. On the Edit your UPS® account dialog, click Your UPS account in the Account to buy labels section.
  1. Click Submit.

When you're charged for a shipping label, the amount appears on your UPS invoice in the Internet accounts section. You aren't charged for return labels until they're scanned.

If you have any problems with your UPS account, or if you have questions about the UPS shipping labels that you purchase, then you should contact UPS directly for support. To learn more, refer to Who can I contact for support?

Buy a UPS shipping or return label for an order

After you've set up your UPS account, there are two different ways that you can buy UPS shipping labels in your Shopify admin:

You can also create a UPS return label for any domestic order.

Void a shipping or return label

In some cases, you'll need to cancel a shipping label after you buy it. You can do this from the associated order's page in your Shopify admin. After you void a shipping label, you won't be charged for it on your UPS invoice. To learn more about how this process works, refer to Void a shipping label.

You can also cancel a UPS shipping label from your UPS account at If you do so, then the associated order won't be updated to reflect that change in your Shopify admin.

Return labels don't expire and can't be voided, however you aren't charged for unused labels.

Who can I contact for support?

For help with setting up your UPS account in your Shopify admin, contact Shopify Support.

For help with issues related to your UPS account and the UPS shipping labels that you purchase, contact UPS customer support. You can contact them at 1-800-742-5877 (U.S. & Canada), at 03457-877-877 (United Kingdom), or by visiting the UPS Help and Support Center.

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