Buying Shopify Shipping return labels

Return labels help you recover inventory that a customer no longer wants. If your business lets customers return products, then you can send your customer a return shipping label so they can send the product back to you.

If your default location is in the United States, then you can create and send return labels in your Shopify admin. After you create a return label, you can send it by email directly from the Shopify admin or copy a link to print the label. Return labels are only available for domestic orders in the United States.

If your default location isn't in the United States, then you need to purchase return labels directly through a shipping carrier or through a shipping app.

Supported addresses

Return labels are available only for US domestic orders. They aren't available for US military addresses, US territories, or international addresses.

To create return labels for international addressees, US military addresses, or US territories that require a customs form, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Order one directly from a shipping carrier.
  • Use a third-party service.
  • Use an app from the Shopify App Store.

Supported shipping carriers

You can purchase return labels from USPS at discounted rates through Shopify Shipping.

If you’ve connected your UPS account to Shopify, then you can create UPS return labels using your own account rates and you are billed directly by UPS.

Set up your return policy

If your business offers returns, then add information about returns to your refund policy in your Shopify store. Customers can read and understand your return policy before ordering from your business so they know what to expect if they want to return a product.

Pay for return labels

Return labels use a technology called pay on scan. This means that the shipping carrier weighs and measures the package when they receive it, and then calculates the cost. A return label isn't considered purchased until it's scanned by a shipping carrier, and you aren't charged for the label until the shipment is marked as delivered.

The cost of a return label is added to your Shopify account after the carrier scans the package. Your account is charged when you reach a billing threshold that's determined by your current Shopify subscription plan. To learn more about how you're billed for shipping labels, contact Shopify Support.

Create and send a return label

You can create a return label from the order page in your Shopify admin or the Shopify app. To create a return label, you need at least one item to be fulfilled in your order. After you create a return label, you can send it to your customers, or by sending them a link to print the label.


Resend a return label

You can resend the email notification or copy the link to the label at any time.


Customize your return label instructions

  1. In the Customer Notification section, under Returns, click Return label instructions.

  2. Edit the Email subject and Email body. For example, if you want to change the return instructions, then find return-label__instruction-step and edit the steps.

  3. Click Save.

For more information about using Liquid variables to automatically add information to your return label instructions, see the notification variables reference.

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