Workflow error occurred

The Workflow error occurred trigger starts a workflow when workflows fail during execution.

The trigger is designed to run only once per workflow version within 30 days. For example, if a workflow fails 10 times in a day, the trigger will only run once. If the workflow is edited and fails again, the trigger will run again. If the workflow errors once in February and then again in April (more than 30 days), a second notification will be sent.


The Workflow error occurred trigger contains the following fields, which can be used in conditions and actions, and to get data in the workflow:

Fields in the workflow error occurred trigger.
Workflow IDThe ID of the failed workflow.
Workflow Run IDThe ID of the failed run.
Workflow NameThe name of the failed workflow.
Shopify DomainThe shop's domain name.
Workflow Run URLThe URL to the failed workflow run page.
Workflow URLThe URL to the failed workflow summary page.
Workflow VersionThe version of the failed workflow.

To build a link to the workflow run, you can use the variables provided like this: https://{{shopDomain}}/admin/apps/flow/web/overview/activity/{{workflowRunId}}

Testing the Workflow error occurred trigger

To test a notification workflow that starts with this trigger, create and trigger a test workflow that consistently encounters errors. As long as the failed workflow completes, the notification workflow should be automatically triggered. To test the notification workflow again, either create a new failing workflow or edit the existing one. After you're confident your workflow works as intended, delete your test workflow.


Any action that doesn't require data can be used with the Workflow error occurred trigger. These include:


Example of a workflow that sends an email when workflow encounters an error

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