Switching between Shopify stores

When you have multiple Shopify stores associated with the same email address, you can navigate between them after you log in to your Shopify admin.

Store switcher

Keep track of multiple stores

The store switcher contains the Shopify stores where you have an account with the same email address.

To help make your stores more secure, you need to verify your email address (as well as those of your staff) for each store. When your email is verified on a store, you can switch to other stores.

Assign different permissions to users in different stores

Account permissions, passwords, and other account settings are specific to a store. When you change stores using the store switcher, you are logged in using the account that you have in that store.

You have a separate login password for each store. When you change your password in one store, it doesn't change the password in your other stores. That is, you can't change the password for store A and log in to store B with this password.

Your permissions are set and maintained in each store. You can assign different permissions to a staff member depending upon what they need to do in a store. For example, you could grant a staff member the permission to edit products in store A, but not in store B.

Support for two-step authentication and external login services

The store switcher supports both two-step authentication and external logins using GSuite.

If you have enabled these features for your store, then you can be asked for your passcode (two-step authentication) or to log into your external service (GSuite) when you navigate to a store.

Using the store switcher to change between stores

You can use the store switcher to navigate to stores where you have accounts with the same email address.

Before you begin:

Make sure that your email address is the same across your stores. You also need to verify your email address for each store.


  1. Log in to the Shopify admin of one of your stores.
  2. Click the name of your store in the top-left corner of the page and choose a different store to view.

Your Shopify admin now shows the store that you chose.

Troubleshooting and limitations

The following is a list of some common issues that can occur when you use the store switcher to navigate between your stores:

  • I don't see all my stores

    If your store switcher drop-down list is missing a store, then check that your account in that store uses the same email address as your other stores. The store switcher uses your email address to identify the stores where you have accounts.

  • I keep being asked to verify my email address

    If your email address is not verified on a store, then you'll be asked to verify your email on that store, even if the verification is complete on another store with the same email address. You need to complete the verification steps for each store associated with an email address. Once the email address is verified on all your stores, you can switch to other stores and will not be prompted to verify again. Learn how to verify your email address.

  • I keep being asked for my passwords

    On Shopify Plus accounts, if your email address is not verified, then when you select a store from the store switcher you'll be asked for that store's password. Learn how to verify your email address.

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