Listing a store on Exchange

To list a store on Exchange, get started by clicking on List your store in the Exchange marketplace to install the Exchange app to your Shopify admin.

Your store needs to be open to customers to be listed on Exchange. If your store is paused or closed, then you need to pick a plan to reopen your store before you list it for sale.

List your store on Exchange

After the Exchange app is installed:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Apps.

  2. Click Exchange - Sell your Shopify store to open the Exchange app.

  3. Enter a title for your store. A good title includes your store name and a brief description of your products.

  4. Select an industry for your store.

  5. Enter a description of your store. Consider telling buyers why you opened your store, providing information about your products and sales history, and detail any social media accounts associated with your store.

  6. Review the selling price generated by the Exchange app based on your store traffic and revenue. Revise the price if you want.

  7. Review the screenshots generated by the Exchange app. You can upload additional screenshots by clicking Upload images.

  8. Review the revenue and traffic data listed under Store performance. This information can not be modified.

  9. Review the contact information listed under Contact details. The name and email address listed here will receive emails from potential buyers.

  10. Click Save and preview to preview your Exchange listing.

  11. Click Publish.

When you find a buyer for your store, you need to prepare your store for transfer then email Exchange support to transfer your store account.

Understand your store's performance data

Exchange generates performance data for your listing based on your store's revenue and traffic.

Your store's revenue is calculated on a monthly basis. Exchange's assessment of your store includes all sales data from the past 12 months. Once a listing is created on Exchange, then your store's performance data will update automatically at the end of each month. If your store tracks any sales or traffic during a month that it is listed on Exchange, then the information won't contribute to your listing's revenue figures until the start of the next month.

Exchange takes only whitelisted sales into account when generating the sales graph for your store. Whitelisted sales are orders that Exchange is able to verify. These include sales made through: Online Store, POS, Draft Orders, Facebook, Houzz, Buy Button, Mobile App, Pinterest, Messenger, Amazon, ShopKey, Xero, and Frenzy.

Remove your store from the Exchange marketplace

To remove your store listing from the Exchange marketplace:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Apps.

  2. Click Exchange - Sell your Shopify store to open the Exchange app.

  3. Click Unpublish.

  4. Click Unpublish listing to confirm that you want to remove your store from the Exchange marketplace.

If you want to list your store again after removing it from the Exchange marketplace, then click Publish. Your store description will remain the same as your original listing.

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