Required staff permissions for Shopify POS

To log in to Shopify POS using a Shopify ID or login credentials, staff members need the following 14 permissions:

  • Home
  • Orders
  • Edit orders
  • Refund orders
  • Draft orders
  • Products
  • Gift cards
  • Customers
  • Reports
  • Marketing
  • Discounts
  • Manage and install apps and channels
  • Manage settings
  • Locations

You also need to select Give Point of Sale access to this staff in the Point of Sale access section to give staff access to Shopify POS.

Staff with limited admin permissions and POS app only staff can't log in to Shopify POS unless the store owner or a staff member with the required permissions logs in first.

Store owners and staff who have all the available permissions can log in to the Shopify POS app and view Shopify POS staff PINs.

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