Shopify Partner Academy

Shopify Partner Academy is an online training and certification program offered exclusively to Shopify Partners. The program includes courses that help Partners grow their business on Shopify in many different ways:

  • Develop your skills: Learn more about how to develop for the Shopify platform, and discover tactics to improve your business strategy.
  • Diversify your service offering: Discover ways to take advantage of new business opportunities, and help merchants of all sizes grow their businesses.
  • Train new employees: Use the program to train new employees who are joining an agency partnered with Shopify.

New courses, study guides, and certification exams continue to be added to the Shopify Partner Academy curriculum. To learn more about the program, see our public landing page or log in to the Partner Dashboard to access the training content.

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Shopify Partner Academy curriculum

The curriculum in the Shopify Partner Academy focuses on two themes:

  • Product fundamentals: knowledge of the Shopify platform and its various services
  • Business fundamentals: knowledge required to be successful as a Shopify Partner

The fundamentals series offers 11 courses to help Partners understand how the Shopify platform works and how to build a business as a Shopify Partner. It also includes two fundamental certification exams to help Partners gauge their knowledge and prove their expertise. The program can also be used to onboard new Partners to Shopify, or to train employees and set a baseline of knowledge within Partner organizations.

Access a course in Shopify Partner Academy

To access a course:

  1. From your Partner Dashboard, go to Education > Partner Academy.
  2. On the Partner Academy page, click View all courses.
  3. Click Start beside the course that you want to access.

After you start a course, your progress is saved. You can stop working on it at any time, and resume it again later by following the steps above.

Take a certification exam in Shopify Partner Academy

To take a certification exam:

  1. From your Partner Dashboard, go to Education > Partner Academy.
  2. In the Available certifications section, click Start exam beside the exam that you want to take.

After you pass an exam, it will appear in the Your certifications section on the Partner Academy page. To learn more about certification exams, see What are the requirements to pass an exam?


Who can access Shopify Partner Academy?

Shopify Partner Academy is reserved for those who have a Partner account, including app developers, affiliate marketers, and Shopify Plus Partners. You can log in or register as a Shopify Partner to access the program.

What topics do the courses and exams cover?

The course topics are divided into two themes: product and business. Fundamental exams are focused on general knowledge of product and business curriculum, while advanced exams verify in-depth knowledge of a specific topic.

Product Fundamentals

  • Shopify Fundamentals
  • Design and Theming Fundamentals
  • Development Fundamentals
  • Store Operations Fundamentals
  • Shopify Plus Fundamentals

Business Fundamentals

  • Shopify Partner Program Fundamentals
  • Sales Fundamentals
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Revenue and Pricing Fundamentals
  • Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals

We've started by launching fundamentals courses and exams, and will add advanced material in the coming months.

How long does the training program take to complete?

You can pick and choose which courses and exams you want to take, and can complete them at your own pace. Each course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. You don't need to follow a particular sequence when you complete the courses and exams. Experienced Partners can choose to skip directly to the exams to gauge their expertise.

What are the requirements to pass an exam?

You can access exams on the Partner Academy page in your Partner Dashboard.

Exams do not require any course prerequisites, and they are free of charge. After you've taken an exam, you can take it again any number of times. When you pass an exam, a certification appears in your Partner Dashboard.