Building stores for merchants

Some merchants build their own Shopify stores, but many prefer to hire someone else to do the initial store setup. As a Shopify Partner, you can build a new store on your client's behalf, and then transfer ownership of that store to them.

How to make money building Shopify stores

You can charge your clients a fee that you both agree upon to build their store.

In addition, when you build a development store and then transfer it to a client, Shopify pays you a percentage of the client's monthly subscription fee. This payment is your development store referral commission. Refer to Shopify Partner earnings for information about how this commission is calculated and any applicable terms.

Building your services business

Many Partners maintain long-term business relationships with clients, even after transferring a store. Clients can focus on their core business by delegating technical tasks to Partners like you. Building a store for a client is often the start of an ongoing collaboration.

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