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Shopify Partners glossary

Here are some common terms you might hear as a member of the Shopify Partner Program.

Your affiliate link (formerly called your referral handle) is the unique URL found within the Referrals tab of your Partner Dashboard. For each Shopify Merchant who signs up using that link, you'll earn a bounty payment according to their monthly subscription fee. To learn more about the amount that you're entitled to receive, see Affiliate link referrals.

When someone signs up for Shopify by using your affiliate link, it counts as an affiliate link referral.

Collaborator account

Collaborator Accounts allow you to request access to a client's Shopify store directly from your Partner Dashboard. These accounts provide a simpler and safer way for you to gain access to, and work on, your clients’ existing Shopify stores.

Development store

As a Shopify Partner, you can create an unlimited number of development stores that never expire. You can use these stores for demonstrative or portfolio purposes, or as the first step to signing up clients for Shopify. Create development stores in the Development stores page of your Partner Dashboard. This type of referral is the only way to earn a recurring revenue share. To learn more about the amount that you're eligible to receive, see Development store referrals.

Development store referral

When you create a development store within your Partner Dashboard and transfer your client onto a paid plan, you'll earn a portion of their monthly subscription fee for as long as they remain a Shopify customer, and as long as you remain an Active Shopify Partner in the Shopify Partner Ecosystem. To learn more about the amount that you're eligible to receive, see Development store referrals.

You can track your development store referrals in your Partner Dashboard.

Partner Dashboard

Your Partner Dashboard is the best place to keep in sync with the apps, themes, and stores that you're building with Shopify. You can use it to track:

  • stores you're developing or managing for clients
  • revenue, installs, and other data for the apps, payment gateways, or themes you've published
  • affiliate referrals
  • payment schedules for your referrals and bounties

Shopify Partner Academy

Shopify Partner Academy is an online training and certification program offered exclusively to Shopify Partners. The program includes courses that help you learn more about the Shopify platform, and grow your business as a Shopify Partner. To learn more, see Shopify Partner Academy.

Priority Partner Support

Leverage Shopify's 24/7 Priority Partner Support to delight your clients and reduce turnaround times on your projects. As a Shopify Partner, your questions are always bumped to the top of our support queue, allowing you to quickly resolve client requests before, during, and after your project launch. You can contact Priority Partner Support anytime at 1-866-752-0324, by email, or from the live chat within your Partner Dashboard.

Revenue share

As a Shopify Partner, the revenue share that you're entitled to depends on your contribution to the Shopify ecosystem (your activities) and the Partner program that you join. It can also vary based on your location and the location of the merchants you work with. To learn more, see Shopify Partner revenue share.

Shopify Partner

Anyone who signs up for the free Shopify Partner Program, which gives freelancers, agencies, and affiliates access to unlimited trial stores, in-depth documentation, and multiple revenue streams. Gain insider information on our product roadmap and upcoming feature releases, and leverage priority partner support. You'll receive free training and resources to learn Shopify and grow your business.

Shopify Plus Partner

Shopify Plus Partners are carefully vetted, best-in-class, agency and technology partners that specialize in Shopify Plus, our enterprise-level plan. This top-tier of partners receive exclusive resources, training, invitations to industry events, as well as access, introductions, and exposure to more than 2,500 high-growth merchants. Learn more about the Shopify Plus Partners Program.

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