Migrating clients to Shopify from another platform

There are a few different guides and tools available to help you migrate a client's store from another ecommerce website or platform to Shopify. Migrating a store can be complicated, so it's important to take care that your client's various records for customers, products, and orders are all imported correctly.

As a Shopify Partner, the best way to start migrating a client’s store is by creating a development store in your Partner Dashboard. Then you can choose the migration guide below that applies to your client’s current store, and follow it to import their data into the development store. When you’re done, you can transfer ownership of the development store to your client. To learn more about how this process works, see Creating development stores and Handing off development stores to clients.

General migration guide

For a general overview of how to migrate to Shopify from another ecommerce platform, see Migrating to Shopify from another platform in the Shopify Help Center. From there, you can learn more about the steps required to launch your client's Shopify store, and the technical considerations that you should know about beforehand.

Migrating a client to a Shopify Plus store

If your client's store is on the Shopify Plus plan, then you can use a third-party store data importer app such as Matrixify to import their customer, product, and order records from their current platform to Shopify.

If you have a client who is interested in Shopify Plus, then fill out and submit the Shopify Plus lead form in your Partner Dashboard.