Merchant handoff kit

You’ve finished creating a beautiful online store for your merchant, and now it’s time to hand over the reins.

Don't worry — we’ve prepared a handoff kit to help answer any questions your clients have about running their online store or managing their POS. It includes links to step-by-step instructions for all the most common tasks they'll be doing, and issues they may face while managing their new store.

Merchant handoff kit instructions

Give your customers a personalized copy of the kit by following these steps:

  • Download and open the PDF kit for Shopify Online or Shopify POS;
  • Fill in your name on page 2;
  • Enter your client's details on page 3 (Shopify Online only);
  • Print out a hard copy or save a new PDF file;
  • Hand it off to your client, then sit back and relax — we'll take it from there.

Download the merchant handoff kit

Download either of the following merchant handoff kits: