You can use the Launchpad app to schedule, coordinate, and execute events, such as sales, product drops, and inventory restocks. As an event progresses, you can track its success by viewing the app's real-time, analytic dashboard.

Shopify Plus

The Launchpad app is available on the Shopify App store for Shopify Plus merchants only.

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Key features & capabilities

You can use Launchpad to automate the following event tasks:

  • Changing the product pricing at the start and end of an event
  • Publishing selected products to your sales channels to release them at a chosen time and date
  • Increasing inventory levels at the start of an event
  • Locking your online store for a set duration of time before the start of an event to build hype and anticipation
  • Scheduling creative changes and theme customization to better highlight the products involved in the sale
  • Enabling Captcha for the duration of the sale - to prevent bots from placing orders
  • Gathering data about the success of the event


You can track the progress of an event by viewing the event's real-time analytics in the dashboard. The dashboard begins reporting data when your event starts and stops reporting when the event ends.

This dashboard shows you:

  • total sales, orders placed, and average order values:
    Screenshot of the Real-time sales section of the dashboard
  • data about the products sold, such as the best selling products and their inventory levels:
    Screenshot of the Product sales section of the dashboard
  • customer conversion data:
    Screenshot of the Customer conversions section of the dashboard

You do not need to publish products or update inventory to access the dashboard during an event. You can create an event by only specifying a name and start date for the event.

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