Gift cards

If your store's on the Shopify plan or higher, then you can use gift cards to give your customers the opportunity to share their love for your brand with others. If you use Shopify POS for iPad, then you can sell and redeem gift cards in person. Your customers can use gift cards to make purchases from your store both in person and online.

Enable gift cards on your store

If you've never sold gift cards in your store, then you'll need to activate the gift card feature from your Shopify admin.

After you've performed this activation, you'll be able to enable gift cards as a payment method in your Shopify POS Payments settings. This will automatically add gift cards to your catalog.

Sales channels that support gift cards

Customers can redeem their gift cards on any of your sales channels that use Shopify's checkout:

  • Online Store
  • Buy Button
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook (when you use Shopify's checkout)
  • Messenger (when you use Shopify's checkout)
  • Shopify POS

Customers can't use gift cards with the Facebook and Messenger sales channels when you use Facebook's checkout. Read more about selecting a checkout option with the Facebook and Messenger channels.

Use your iPad's front-facing camera to scan barcodes

If you want to sell or redeem physical gift cards by scanning their barcodes with your iPad's front-facing camera, then you'll have grant the Shopify POS app access to the camera. You'll be asked to grant the app access the first time you sell or redeem a gift card, but you can also do so manually from your iPad's privacy settings.

To grant the Shopify POS app access to your iPad's front-facing camera:

  1. From your iPad's home screen, tap Settings.

  2. Tap Privacy.

  3. From the Privacy menu, tap Camera.

  4. Enable the Shopify POS option.

You'll be prompted to scan a gift card's barcode whenever you sell or redeem a gift card.

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