New order notifications

You can create and edit notifications to let you know when a customer places an order. Your notifications can be delivered by email and SMS. You need the Orders permission on your account to make changes to order notifications. Learn more about staff permissions.

Add a notification for new orders

You can add a notification to let anyone subscribed know that a customer placed an order:

  1. Scroll down to the Order notifications section.

  2. Click Add an order notification:

    Order notification list
  3. From the first drop-down menu, select the notification method from the following options:

    • Email address: Send the order notification to your email address.
    • Staff member: Send the email notification to a staff member.
  4. Choose a location if applicable (you'll only see this field if you're using Shopify POS.)

  5. Enter the information into the text editable field (if applicable).

  6. Click Add notification.

You can test your notification and make sure the information you want is being sent to the correct address. Click send test notification to send a test message to the specified address.

Order notification 2


To receive SMS notifications, install the Shopify mobile app.

Include a link to the order page to check order details from the New order notification:

  1. Click New order to open the template in the online code editor:

    New order notification template
  2. At the bottom of the template, above {% endif %}, add:

      You can review details of this order in your shop admin at {{ shop.url }}/admin/orders/{{ id }}.
  3. Click Save.

Repeat the above steps for your New Order Notification (mobile) template.


To receive SMS notifications, please install the Shopify mobile app.

Find the order number or ID

You can find the order ID :

Order {{ order_name }}

This will return something like:

Order #1001

Include special instructions

  1. In the "Email Templates" section, click New order:

    New order notification

  2. At the bottom of the New order email template, add the following code:

      {% unless note == blank %}
      Special instructions: {{ note }}
      {% endunless %}
  3. Click Save.

Delete an order notification

Deleting an order notification is just as easy as adding one:

  1. Scroll down to the Order notifications section.

  2. Next to each order notification address there will be a little trash can icon:

    Order notification 3
  3. Delete the order notification by clicking the trash can icon next to the notification address you no longer want.

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