Add the Wholesale channel

Create your password-protected wholesale store by adding the Wholesale channel.

Shopify Plus

The Wholesale channel is available to Shopify Plus plans only.

Before you begin

  • Your store must be on a Shopify Plus plan.
  • You must sign into your Shopify admin with either the Shopify account owner credentials or with a staff account that has the Applications and Settings permissions.

Add the wholesale channel

To add the wholesale channel:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click the + button beside the Sales channels heading.
  2. On the Add sales channel dialog, find Wholesale in the list of available channels, and then click Learn more.
  3. Click Add channel, and follow the instructions.

After you add the Wholesale channel, it appears on the sidebar in your Shopify admin.

The site address for your wholesale store uses the following format:


Your wholesale store is password-protected, so no one (including the Shopify account owner) can access it without a wholesale account. A wholesale account is not the same as an online store account. A customer can't log into the wholesale store using their online store user name and password.

Next Steps

You need to create wholesale accounts for the customers that you want to sign into the wholesale store. Before you can create these accounts, you need to create price lists, and then assign your customers to them.

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