Arrive for iOS and Android

Arrive is a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Customers can use Arrive to help them with online shopping in the following ways:

  • track online orders
  • discover more products from stores where they've placed orders

If you sell by using Shopify, then you can give customers the option to install Arrive from your store's order status page on mobile.

You can't disable your store profile or product recommendations from appearing in Arrive.

Learn more about using Arrive from the Arrive FAQ.


Arrive is free, and is available on mobile devices with the following operating systems:

  • iOS(version 10.3 or later) for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Android(version 5.0 or later)

Online order tracking

Customers can track the delivery of online orders from the Home tab of the Arrive app. When a customer uses Gmail, Arrive automatically locates emails with tracking numbers to identify orders to track. Customers using another kind of email address can add tracking numbers manually.

Arrive searches emails to collect order information. If you have questions about privacy, then you can view the Arrive privacy policy.

When Arrive is tracking an order, sometimes it doesn't have enough information to display an exact location for the delivery. The delivery status is still accurate.

Automatic order sync

Arrive automatically syncs with Shopify to show all the the orders that a customer has placed with Shopify stores.

When a customer starts an order but doesn't complete it, an abandoned checkout notification might also appear in Arrive. The notification prompts the customer to return to your store to complete the order.

Store profiles

Customers can use Arrive to view a list of stores that they've ordered from in the past. After an order is added to Arrive, the related store's profile displays in the Shop tab of the Arrive app. Store profiles are ordered by when the related order was added in Arrive, from most to least recent.

Store profiles for Shopify stores that appear in this list might include product recommendations based on the store's trending products. Trending products are generated in Shopify based on sales data for the store.

The store's profile includes the store's name, description, and logo, which can be customized in Shopify.

Your customers might use Arrive even if you don't enable the option to join Arrive from your store's order status page. If a customer who uses Arrive places an order in your store, then they see tracking information for any orders that they place on your store and they can follow your store in Arrive.

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