Paying experts for their work through the Experts Marketplace

When an expert sends you an invoice for your job, you can pay it securely from your Shopify admin. All invoices are in USD.

If the expert was working with you on an accepted proposal that isn't linked to a specific store, then they'll send you an invoice outside of the Experts Marketplace. You won't be able to pay the invoice in Shopify.

Choosing payment terms

When working with an expert, you should both agree on how you’ll pay for the job. You can discuss whether to pay a fixed price or an hourly rate. Depending on the expert and the job, one option might be preferred over the other.

Fixed-price jobs

This is a good choice for jobs with a defined or limited budget. Paying a fixed price doesn’t mean you have to make a one-time payment. You can divide it up according to progress or milestones. For example, you might make smaller payments upfront, halfway through the job, and when the job is done.

Hourly rate jobs

This is a good choice for large jobs that have long-term deadlines. You’ll be billed based on the amount of hours required to complete the job. It typically involves regular invoices that reflect hours worked during a time period.

Pay an invoice in Shopify

Experts can send you an invoice within Experts Marketplace. You can then pay the invoice with your existing payment method on your Shopify account.

Only store owners can pay invoices. If you're not the store owner but were working with an Expert in the Experts Marketplace, then you'll receive the invoice, but you won't be able to pay it. You need to share a link to the invoice with the store owner, who can then pay the invoice in the Experts Marketplace.


  1. From the Experts Marketplace menu, click Invoices.
  2. Click the invoice you want to pay.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Continue to payment.
  4. Click Approve charge.


What can I do if I receive an invoice from someone I don’t recognize?

If you receive an unsolicited invoice, then you should refuse it and report it to Shopify Support. This informs Shopify of any potentially malicious action by the expert.

What can I do if an invoice is too large for my credit card?

You can refuse the invoice and let the expert know that the payment was too large for your credit card. The expert can send you multiple invoices in smaller amounts.

What can I do if an expert didn’t complete the required work and I want a refund?

If you have an issue with an expert or the results of your job, then refer to handling disputes.

Next steps

If you haven't done so yet, then mark the job as complete and leave a review.

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