Create online advertising for Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales

In many regions, Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are among the biggest shopping days of the year. Customers take advantage of BFCM promotions to buy high-value items as well as holiday gifts. Before Black Friday, you can get your store ready by setting up discounts and then creating online advertising for your promotions and products.

You can share your promotions and products from your Shopify admin on any of the following platforms:

Google Shopping

Create Google Shopping campaigns to promote your products and increase traffic to your online store. You can start creating a Google Shopping campaign from the Marketing page in the Shopify admin after you have set up Google Ads. Learn more about Google Shopping campaigns.

Facebook Ads

Use the Facebook Marketing app to create Facebook Marketing activities directly from the Marketing page in the Shopify admin. You need to have a Facebook business page set up to configure the Facebook Marketing app. Learn more about Facebook Marketing.

Instagram posts and Instagram Stories

Sell your products on Instagram by tagging them when they appear in your Instagram posts and stories. Customers who find your tagged products on Instagram can tap a link to view and buy a product in your online store. Learn more about the Instagram sales channel.

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