Saved responses

Shopify Inbox lets you set up three different kinds of saved responses to communicate with your customers when they use online store chat:

  • First Reply: Customized messages that display or send automatically when a customer starts a conversation on your store. You can customize different messages for conversations started during your selected hours and for those started outside your selected hours.
  • Quick replies: Customized message shortcuts for common phrases used in customer conversations.
  • Instant answers: Customized answers to common questions that are sent when the customer clicks on the corresponding topics.

You can customize the messaging to display greetings, follow-up messages, answer frequently asked questions, and choose your available hours for communication.

Shortcut to saved responses

You can access your saved responses from your Inbox dashboard in your Shopify admin.

The customer experience card from the inbox dashboard with shortcuts to create or manage your quick replies, instant answers, and first reply, and a button to customize the appearance of chat options.

If no saved responses exist for your Inbox account, then the quick replies and instant answers button will read Create. After you've created at least one saved response for each message type, the dashboard button will read Manage. Both versions of the button will take you directly to the saved responses page in your admin.

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