Organization Settings for Shopify Plus

Organization Settings provide additional functions to the Shopify admin. If there are multiple stores in your organization, then you can perform actions across multiple stores in your organization instead of managing each store individually.

Users who have access to Organization Settings can perform actions that affect users, store management, and billing across multiple stores in your organization. To use Organization Settings, users must be granted access to at least one store in your organization.

Benefits of using Organization Settings

Organization Settings include the following features to help you manage your organization more efficiently.

The benefits of using Organization Settings.
User managementThe Users settings lets you to do the following:
  • Add new users to your organization.
  • Reactivate, suspend, or remove users in bulk.
  • Assign or remove access to organization-level features.
  • Control store-level accesses and permissions.
  • Create roles that combine organization-level access and store-level permissions, and assign roles to users.
  • Enforce two-step authentication.
Organization and store management The Organization settings lets you to do the following:
  • View and edit the organization name.
  • View and access all stores in your organization.
  • Filter stores by type or status.
  • Create new stores.
BillingThe Billing settings lets you to do the following:
  • Use a single organization billing entity for all stores, instead of managing bills for each store.
  • Manage payment for subscriptions, usage fees, and one-time charges with a single payment method.
  • Access billing information in separate sections for bills, preferences, and reporting.
AnalyticsThe Analytics lets you view the total sales and orders for your entire organization.

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