Creating and modifying automated collections

Creating an automated collection involves defining conditions to match the products that you want in the collection. You can also apply a sort order and other details. You can create up to 5,000 automated collections.

Collections can have a maximum of 60 conditions.

If you already have a collection that has more than 60 conditions, then you can still use it. You can edit or delete its existing conditions, but you can't add any conditions while it's over the limit.

Before you update a collection, you can check the top of the page to see if another staff might also be making changes to the same collection.

Create an automated collection

If you don't want to publish the collection as soon as you create it, then you can set a specific date when the collection will be published to your online store. Learn more about future publishing.

You can create up to 5,000 automated collections.


Add selection conditions for an automated collection

When you create an automated collection, you can add one or more conditions for it in the Conditions section. That section will also show any conditions that you've already added to the collection.

For more information about conditions, see Conditions for automated collections.


Change the publish date of a collection

You can set a specific publishing date for a collection to become available in your online store.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Collections.

  2. Click a collection.

  3. In the Sales channels section, click the calendar icon beside Online Store.

  4. Set the date and time that you want to publish the collection.

  5. Click Save.

Change the contents of an automated collection

You can change the contents of an automated collection by editing the conditions or by editing a product so that it doesn't meet the conditions.


Replace a manual collection with an automated collection

You can't change a manual collection into an automated collection, but you can create a new automated collection to replace the existing manual collection.


  1. Add a tag to all of the products in your manual collection.
  2. Create a new automated collection and set the tag as a condition.
  3. After you set up the automated collection, you can delete the original manual collection.

Delete a collection


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