Choose hardware

If you're using Shopify POS, then start by choosing the hardware that you need to accept payments using cash, cards, or both.

You can also use shipping hardware—like label printers and scales—to speed up your shipping and fulfillment process.

Depending on your business, the kind of retail hardware you need might be a bit different:

Recommendations for Shopify POS hardware based on your business
If you run...Then you might need...
A pop-up shop iPad + card reader
A store iPad + card reader + receipt printer
Multiple stores or a warehouse iPad + card reader + receipt printer + barcode scanner + cash drawer

You can choose a variety of components for your Shopify POS system, depending on the payment methods that you accept.

You might be able to re-use some components if you already own them. However, depending on your plan and payment provider, some components can't be substituted.

Depending on your region and hardware requirements, you might be able to buy hardware from the Shopify Hardware Store.

Supported hardware for Shopify POS

Hardware to consider for Shopify POS
Supported credit card readersIf you're using Shopify Payments or a supported third-party provider in Canada, the continental United States, the United Kingdom, or Ireland, then you can choose one of the supported card readers from the Shopify Hardware Store.
External credit card terminalsIf you can't use one of our supported card readers to process your transactions, then you need an external credit card terminal from a payment processor.
Supported iPad standsWe support a number of iPad stands for your Shopify POS system, all available from our Hardware Store. For full support from Shopify, match the model numbers if you buy from another provider.

Learn more about supported hardware for Shopify POS.

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