Checklist for sending products to Shopify Fulfillment Network

When you send inventory to Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN), you need to prepare and package your products according to SFN requirements. This article provides a checklist of all the steps you need to take to prepare, package, and ship your products to SFN.

You can print this checklist to refer to it throughout the setup process, or share this checklist with anyone who prepares and packages your products for you.

If a shipment doesn't comply with SFN requirements, then the shipment might be refused at the SFN fulfillment center or incur additional processing costs. Learn more about delays and non-compliance with inbound transfers.

Step 1: Configure your products in your Shopify admin

Before you begin packaging your products, make sure that each product is supported by SFN and has the following product details in your Shopify admin.

Step 2: Prepare your products

Follow these steps to ensure that each product is safely packaged and ready to ship.

Step 3: Print and attach unique barcodes to every product

Make sure that you attach a barcode to each product according to the following requirements. SFN requires barcodes to accurately receive your products.

Step 4: Package your products

Follow these steps to organize and package your products before shipping.

Pack products into boxes

Pack boxes onto pallets

Step 5: Create an inbound transfer in the SFN app

Follow these steps to inform SFN about your upcoming product shipment.

Step 6: Print and attach barcode and box content labels

Follow these steps to attach barcode and box content labels to every box and pallet in your shipment. Product and box content labels enable SFN to quickly receive and store your products.

Step 7: Ship your products

You can ship your products by Small Parcel or by Freight. Small Parcel ships individual boxes using carriers such as UPS, FedEX, and DHL. Freight ships a collection of boxes in pallets or by shipping container.

Ship your products by small parcel

Ship your products by freight

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