Setting up shipping to pickup points with Shopify Shipping

You can set up the option to ship orders to a pickup point instead of directly to a customer's address. Pickup points and how they work can vary from carrier to carrier, but are most often one of the following types of locations:

  • Local post offices.
  • Relay points, which are retail businesses that are a part of the carrier's pickup network and offer local parcel pickup.
  • Specialized parcel stores. Some carriers have their own local parcel stores where you can drop off, pick up, or return packages.
  • Self-service lockers that are located near shopping centers, parking lots, and metro stations. These lockers are available 24/7, so packages can be picked up at any time.

During checkout, your customers can choose a delivery method to ship to a pickup point, and then select the pickup point where they want their order delivered.

After the order is delivered to a pickup point, your customer receives an SMS or an email notification that their order is ready for pickup. Some pickup points are open 24/7, so your customers can pick up their packages any time they want.

Requirements for using pickup points

To use pickup points, your store needs to meet any of the following requirements:

Checkout experience

If you activate pickup points, then eligible customers have pickup points as a shipping option at checkout. Using a map or list of pickup points, customers can select the pickup point where want their shipment to be delivered.

After they select a pickup point, relevant information about the pickup point is displayed, such as opening hours, address details, pickup point name, and price.

If a pickup point is full, then it won't be displayed to customers at checkout until there is room for new shipments.

Your customers need to meet the following requirements to have pickup points as an option during checkout:

  • All physical products in the cart are eligible for shipping from one location.
  • The fulfillment location has the inventory available to fulfill the entire order.
  • An accelerated checkout method isn't chosen by the customer in the first step of the checkout. If your customer pays using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or PayPal, then shipping to pickup points isn't available.
  • The customer cannot be completing checkout as a B2B customer.


Before activating pickup points, review the following considerations:

Set up shipping to pickup points

You can set up shipping to pickup points for each of your store's eligible locations.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping and delivery.

  2. In the Shipping to pickup points section, click the location where you want to offer shipping to pickup points. If you have several locations, then click Show more to display all your locations.

  3. Select Ship to pickup points from this location.

  4. In the Pickup point rates section, click the button, and then click Edit rate.

  5. Select the pickup point providers to apply the rate to and set up your flat rate, weight, or price based shipping rates. If you want to offer free shipping, then enter 0.

  6. Click Done, and then click Save.

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