Automatic renewal of your Shopify domain

If you've purchased a domain through Shopify, you can automatically renew your domain subscription in your Shopify admin. This will ensure that your ownership doesn't expire.

By default, the Shopify account owner's email and information is used to purchase and renew domains. Make sure your email is up to date so that you receive notifications about your domain subscription.

Enable automatic domain renewal

To enable automatic domain renewal:

  1. In the Shopify-managed domains section, click the domain you want to renew automatically:
Click domain name
  1. In the Auto-renew section, check the Auto-renew this domain every year box:
Auto-renew this domain every year

Your domain will now renew automatically on the date shown.

Disable automatic domain renewal

If you don't want your domain subscription to renew automatically, then you can disable it in your Shopify admin.

To disable automatic renewal:

  1. In the Shopify-managed domains section, click a domain name:
    Click domain name
  2. In the Auto-renew section, uncheck Auto-renew this domain every year:
    Uncheck auto-renew this domain every year

What's next?

After you've enabled auto-renewal for the domain that you purchased through Shopify, you can set up email forwarding.

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