Using themes

Your store's theme controls all aspects of your online store's appearance and layout. You can manage your themes from the Themes page of your Shopify admin.

Themes page

From the Themes page, you can:

View your installed themes

To see all the themes you have installed:

Below your published theme you will find any other installed themes that are unpublished (you can have up to 19 unpublished themes).

Themes page showing 6 installed themes

The featured theme shown at the top of your Themes page is your published theme. This means it's the theme that Shopify is using to display the pages of your website.

If you have other themes installed, they will be listed below. These themes are your unpublished themes.

You can have a total of 20 themes installed at any time. That's one published theme and up to 19 unpublished themes.

Visit the Shopify Theme Store

To visit the Theme Store:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Visit Theme Store.

  2. There is a wide variety of themes to choose from. You can enter a search term to search for a theme, browse the themes by feature and by industry, and you can also browse for free or paid themes. Click a theme to find out more about it.

    Before you commit to buying a theme, you can view a full-screen demo. Many themes also offer you the opportunity to see a preview on your own online store.

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