How to pitch Shopify to your clients

This is a guide to teach you how to best pitch your clients on using Shopify. Use this guide to understand what features are most important to a shop owner.

What is this?

This is a guide to explaining the benefits of using Shopify to your clients. This guide will help you position the features of Shopify in a way that will easily resonate with shop owners.

In addition to this guide, we have created a simple presentation deck for you to use during a client pitch meeting or consultation. This deck covers the content we will discuss in this guide, but frames it within a narrative that you can use to present to your clients.

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Download the slide deck

Use these slide decks to present Shopify to your clients so they will understand the features and benefits for their business.

Keynote Powerpoint
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Download the slide deck

Use these slide decks to present Shopify Plus to your clients. Check out the Shopify Plus Toolkit for more resources to educate clients on the features and benefits of Shopify Plus.

Keynote Powerpoint

Why should you use it?

While you may be very aware of Shopify’s abilities from a designer or developer’s perspective, you may not be entirely cognizant of how your clients see value in those features. And features that you find compelling may not be the ones a shop owner is most interested in.

Being able to discuss features in a way that resonates with a shop owner will both help convince them that Shopify is able to handle their needs, as well as show them that you understands what they’re looking for as a shop owner.

How should you use it?

You should use this content in any way that you think will help you win clients.

Our entire reason for creating these resources is to give you all the information and tools we can to make you more successful. We know that having successful designers and developers means having a successful company, and we think this guide and deck will help you on your way to success with Shopify.

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