Selling hemp products on Shopify

On this page you can learn more about the requirements for selling hemp and cannabis products as a United States (US) or Canadian merchant, as well as notification options, shipping guidelines, in-store sales strategies, and collaboration opportunities with Shopify Partners.

Requirements for selling hemp products

If you’re a US merchant selling hemp products, or a Canadian merchant selling cannabis products, then you must agree to the requirements set by Shopify. These requirements ensure that you understand and will comply with the regulations for selling these products on Shopify. Learn more about the specific requirements for selling hemp in the United States and selling cannabis in Canada.

It’s your responsibility to follow federal, regional, and local laws, as well as the policies of Shopify, its app and partner ecosystem, and any third-party providers. If you have additional questions, then contact the third-party providers directly or consult with a lawyer.

Sell hemp on Shopify

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin. If you don't have a store yet, then you can sign up for a trial store at
  2. If you are based in Canada or the United States (US), then carefully review and agree to the requirements for selling hemp and hemp-derived products in your respective country. It’s important to understand and comply with these requirements before selling any hemp products.
  3. Select and apply for a third-party payment gateway that supports the sale of hemp products. Learn more about payment options for hemp sales.
  4. Set up email-only customer notifications for orders and shipping. SMS notifications aren’t currently supported for merchants selling hemp products.

Notification options for hemp products

If you’re selling hemp products on Shopify, then SMS notifications aren’t supported for this specific category of products. As a result, you can only send order and shipping notifications to your customers by email. This limitation applies specifically to hemp products. For other types of products, SMS notifications may be available. Learn more about SMS notifications.

Shipping hemp products

If you're selling hemp products on Shopify, then it's important to understand the shipping options available to you. The first step is to consult your own legal counsel to determine how the laws in your region, as well as the region in which you sell your products, might affect your business and where you can do business.

To ship hemp products, you can use Shopify Shipping to send these items to your customers, provided that the applicable carrier allows it. However, you need to ensure with the carrier whether the goods you're sending are allowed to be shipped under their policies and whether they can be shipped to your customer's jurisdiction. Shipping profiles can help you set up and restrict shipping locations by product.

In-store sales of hemp products

If you want to sell hemp products in person, then you can use Shopify POS to facilitate these transactions. However, you can’t use any POS hardware that requires the use of Shopify Payments. Instead, you will need to use an external card reader from your selected payment gateway to process payments.

Working with Shopify Partners for hemp products

If you're selling hemp products and need professional assistance to build and grow your business, then you can use the Shopify Partner directory to find services tailored to your specific business needs.

To find a partner that suits your requirements, you can browse through the partner profiles listed in the directory. After you find a partner profile that aligns with your needs, it's recommended to reach out to them directly to discuss your specific requirements and ensure that the partner you choose has the necessary knowledge and capabilities to support your hemp product business effectively.

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