Inventory and fulfillment with Markets

Currently, Shopify stores can allocate their inventory to different locations, but these inventory levels aren't shown on the product pages of their online store by default.

With markets, when a customer browses products on your online store, the inventory levels accurately reflect the available inventory for that customer.

For example, you might have warehouses in the United States, Canada, and Spain, with the following inventory levels and shipping destinations.

Example warehouse inventory levels and available shipping destinations
Warehouse Inventory level Shipping regions
United States 500 United States, Mexico
Canada 75 Canada, Mexico
Spain 200 Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland

If a customer sets their country to France on your website and views your product page, then they find that the product has 200 units available. If a customer sets their country to Mexico, then they find that 575 units are available.

To make sure that your inventory levels are accurate for customers, set accurate levels per location and add your locations to the proper shipping zones.

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