Fulfilling and managing Shopify Markets Pro orders

You can fulfill your international orders with Markets Pro using either of the following options:

  • Buy and print DHL Express shipping labels directly in your Shopify admin.
  • Fulfill and ship orders using your third-party fulfillment partner.

You can also refund and return Markets Pro orders.

Fulfilling orders directly in your Shopify admin

You can fulfill your Markets Pro orders directly in your Shopify admin by buying DHL Express shipping labels individually or in bulk.

Considerations for buying shipping labels in Shopify admin

Before you buy DHL Express shipping labels for your international orders in your Shopify admin, review the following considerations:

  • You can't add shipping insurance to Markets Pro shipping labels.
  • Carrier packages aren't supported with Markets Pro. You need to use custom packages in your Shopify admin.
  • You can buy only DHL Express shipping labels.
  • To keep duties calculations accurate, you can't edit the shipping country for prepaid duties orders or for orders that ship to Canada, United States, or Brazil. You also can't edit the shipping province or state.
  • The maximum international shipment's declared value is 25,000 USD.

Buy and print shipping labels individually

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

  2. Click an order that contains unfulfilled items.

  3. In the Unfulfilled section, click Create shipping label.

  4. In the ITEMS section, confirm the number of items that you want to include in this fulfillment. If you want to ship the customer's order using more than one fulfillment, then change the quantity of each item that you don't want to ship in this fulfillment. You can buy an additional shipping label for each fulfillment that's required to complete the entire order.

  5. Review the customs declaration form and add any missing information:

    1. In the ITEMS section, click Edit customs information.
    2. Verify your product information such as weight, quantity, value, and description.
    3. Click Save.
  6. Optional: In the PRESETS section, select a preset to apply a shipping label preset to your shipping labels.

  7. In the Package section, select an existing package or create a new package:

    • To use an existing package, select a package from the Package drop-down menu.
    • To create a new package, follow these steps:
      1. In the Package section, click Add package.
      2. In the Add package dialog, enter the information about your new package.
      3. Click Add package.
  8. In the Total weight (with package) field, enter the total weight of your shipment.

  9. In the Shipping date field, select a shipping date. If you want to automatically send shipment details to your customers on that date, then select Send shipping information to customers.

  10. Review your shipping details in the Summary section, and then click Buy shipping label.

  11. Choose whether to collate your shipping labels with any customs forms or packing slips, and then select your printing paper format.

  12. Print your shipping labels and documents.

Buy and print shipping labels in bulk

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

  2. Optional: To view only the orders that need to be fulfilled, click the Unfulfilled tab.

  3. Select the checkbox next to each order that you want to create a shipping label for.

  4. Click Create shipping labels. If you fulfill from multiple locations, select the appropriate location, and then click Continue.

  5. Optional: To apply a preset to your shipping labels, do the following:

    1. Select the orders.
    2. Click X orders selected.
    3. Click the preset.
  6. Review the customs declaration form and add any missing information:

    1. Click the Items field for an order.
    2. Click Edit customs declaration.
    3. For each product, verify product weight, quantity, value, and description.
    4. Optional: Select Save shipping info to product details.
    5. Under Update customs declaration form, select an option to update multiple orders, or only this order.
    6. Click Save.
  7. On the Create shipping labels page, make any edits to your labels.

  8. Click Review and buy.

  9. Optional: Change the shipping date.

  10. Optional: Change whether an order fulfillment email is sent to your customers.

  11. Click Buy shipping labels.

  12. Choose whether you want to collate your shipping labels with customs forms, and packing slips, and then select your printing paper format.

  13. Print your shipping labels and documents.

Fulfilling orders using external fulfillment services

Shopify Markets Pro orders can be fulfilled through the following compatible fulfillment services:

If you use a fulfillment service that isn't on this list and want to get started immediately, then you or your fulfillment partner need to purchase shipping labels and fulfill Markets Pro orders through your Shopify Admin. If you want to integrate an external fulfillment service with Shopify Markets Pro, then contact your sales representative.

More compatible fulfillment services will be introduced in the future. If you're a fulfillment service or a merchant who uses a fulfillment service that isn't on this list, then contact markets-pro@shopify.com

Orders on hold

Markets Pro orders are placed on hold and can’t be fulfilled until the hold is removed. During the order hold, Markets Pro performs a fraud analysis of your order, checks your order's information, such as your customer's email and phone number, and confirms that accurate duties and import taxes were collected, if applicable.

The order hold is usually removed within five minutes. In some cases, Markets Pro might hold your order for longer to do additional order screening.

After the order hold is removed, your order payment is captured automatically or you can capture it manually depending on your payment capture method.

Refunding and returning Markets Pro orders

You can refund Markets Pro orders the same way as you refund your other orders in your Shopify admin. For more information, refer to Creating returns and refunds.

30-day exchange rate guarantee

Markets Pro orders that are paid in a foreign currency have a foreign currency rate lock applied for 30 days. The 30-day exchange rate guarantee ensures that the same currency exchange rate is applied for 30 days after your order is placed and helps you avoid any losses resulting from currency value fluctuations.

This means that if you need to refund an order that was placed in less than 30 days, then the exchange rate will be the same as when the order was placed.

Duties, customs, and VAT

After the Markets Pro order is fulfilled, refunds aren't provided for duties, customs fees, or VAT. If a full order is refunded before the order fulfillment, then duties and customs are refunded to you on the following payout date.


You can purchase a return label for Markets Pro orders from a third-party provider or carrier. Markets Pro orders don't have any specific requirements for return labels.


A product exchange is considered as a new Markets Pro order that needs to go through customs. You or your customer need to pay duties and taxes for the second time.

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