Shop FAQ

Use this page to find answers to frequently asked questions about the Shop channel.

What's Shop?

Shop is a free sales channel that has two main components. The first component is the Shop channel that you can add to your Shopify admin. The second component is the Shop app that customers have access to. Learn more about Shop.

Why do customers use the Shop app?

Customers can use the Shop app for the following purposes:

  • discover new stores and products
  • make purchases using Shop Pay
  • track their orders
  • get shopping recommendations based on their favorite stores and products
  • receive customized deals and discounts.

If a customer uses Shop Pay Installments, then they can also manage their installment payments in the Shop app. Learn more about the Shop app customer experience.

Is my store eligible to appear in the Shop app?

To be featured in the Shop app, you need to follow the merchant requirements and product restrictions. Review the Shop Merchant Guidelines for more information about eligibility.

How do I get paid for Shop app orders?

Purchases made through the Shop app are processed through Shop Pay, an accelerated checkout for Shopify Payments.

What's Shop Pay?

Shop Pay is Shopify’s accelerated checkout. Customers can save their email address, credit card, shipping, and billing information for a streamlined checkout experience. Learn more about Shop Pay.

How do I set up the Shop channel?

How do I use the Shop channel?

After you’ve added the Shop channel, you can do the following:

How do I hide a product from Shop?

If you're using the Shop channel, then you can use the bulk editor within the channel to manage the products that are available to the Shop app.

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.

  2. From the Apps and sales channels page, click Shop.

  3. Click Open sales channel.

  4. Click Products.

  5. Click Manage product availability.

  6. Select the products that you want to appear in Shop, or deselect the products that you want to hide from Shop.

  7. Click Save.

How do I set up a post-purchase offer?

In the Shop channel, you can create, edit, deactivate, delete, or pause a post-purchase offer that gives returning customers an in-app discount that they can use at your store. Learn more about post-purchase marketing automation campaigns.

How does order tracking work?

After you ship an order, and provide a tracking number, your customer can track their order using Shop. Shop connects with shipping carriers to provide updates to customers throughout the delivery journey. Shop and Shopify are't involved in the delivery of goods and services, and all shipping related questions should be directed to the shipping carrier.

What’s Shop Pay Installments?

Shop Pay offers customers the option to pay in full at checkout, or to split their purchase into multiple payments. Learn more about Shop Pay Installments.

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