Manual collections

A manual collection includes the specific products that you choose. The collection will always contain the same products unless you add or remove them. Before you update a collection, you can check the top of the page to see if another staff might also be making changes to the same collection.

Create a manual collection

You can create a manual collection and add products to the collection. If the collection is available to your online store, then you can change the order in which the products are displayed from the collection page.

If you don't want to publish the collection as soon as you create it, then you can set a specific date when the collection will be published to your online store. Learn more about future publishing.


Add products to a manual collection

Add a product to existing collections from its details page

You can add a product to one or more existing manual collections from the product's details page.


Remove products from a manual collection

Change the publish date of a collection

You can set a specific publishing date for a collection to become available in your online store.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Collections.

  2. Click a collection.

  3. In the Sales channels section, click the calendar icon beside Online Store.

  4. Set the date and time that you want to publish the collection.

  5. Click Save.

Delete a collection


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