Submitting special projects

You can request a fulfillment center to do additional work on your shipments that goes beyond storing and shipping your products, such as attaching the barcodes to your products. To send a request, create a special project from the Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) app in your Shopify admin.

You can request special projects for anything that goes beyond the normal work needed to process your inbound transfers and orders. Special projects include the following types of work:

Your request for a special project is sent to the SFN team, which approves or rejects the request based on certain requirements.

Requirements for a special project

To schedule and estimate a special project, the SFN team needs to know the details of the work being requested. Include photos and videos of processes to help ensure accuracy. Each special project, except for labeling, has a one-hour minimum. This means that if you submit a project that takes less than an hour, then you're still billed for one hour of work.

Each special project request must include the following:

  • all SKUs involved
  • all non-SKU supplies required
  • detailed assembly instructions (photos and videos if required)
  • quantities required
  • due date of the project
  • if applicable, any related projects or inbound transfers
  • if applicable, any new SKUs that would be created
  • if applicable, preferred fulfillment center

Special project process

You can submit a request for the special project within the SFN app in your Shopify admin. After you submit your request, the SFN team reviews your request within 48 hours, and then approves or rejects your request:

  • If your request is approved, then it's listed in Special projects > Action required or Awaiting quote approval in your SFN app.
  • If your request is rejected, then it's listed in Special projects > Declined by SFN in your SFN app.

Review the following table to learn more about the special project statuses and their descriptions:

SFN special projects statuses
Status Description
Draft You haven't submitted your project's request yet.
Submitted for review Your request for a project is pending and waiting for a review from the SFN team.
Awaiting quote approval The SFN team has provided a quote for the work on your project to begin. You need to review the quote, and then confirm or decline your project request.
In progress Your project is being worked on.
Action required You need to review your project request, and then confirm or decline it. If you confirm, then your project is sent to the fulfillment centers.
Completed Your project was successfully completed.
Declined by SFN Your project request was declined by the SFN team. Project requests can be declined due to lack of inventory, unavailable required tools or equipment, or being outside the capacity or skill of the warehouse.
Declined by you You or another staff member declined the project request.
Cancelled Your project was cancelled and won't be completed.

Request a special project

When you request a project, make sure that you write highly detailed instructions for the project.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Shopify Fulfillment Network > Special projects.
  2. Click Request project.
  3. Select the project type, and then click Confirm project type.
  4. Enter a name for the project.
  5. In Instructions, enter detailed instructions for your special project. If you selected an Assembly project, then enter the SKUs of the products that require assembly in the Instructions text box. Make sure that you include all the required information.
  6. Optional: Add any attachments, such as photos or videos, to the special project.
  7. Click Request project.

Access the status of your special project

After you submit your special project, SFN reviews it within two to three days. You'll receive an email indicating whether your special project is approved or declined.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps, and then click Shopify Fulfillment Network.
  2. In the Tasks section,

  3. Click Approve special project.

  4. Click the special project that you want to access.

  5. In the Project approval section, do one of the following:

    • Click Approve quote to accept the quote and start the special project.
    • Click Decline quote to cancel the special project.

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